We Buy Your Old IT

From unwanted PCs and Laptops to full office clearances.

We will buy your old IT equipment.

We are strong believers in looking after the environment.  We have all been there, we buy a new laptop or desktop computer.  With good intentions we promise to take the old one to the tip, 3 years later it is still in the loft, collecting dust. That’s were we can help, simply fill in the form below (being as descriptive as possible) and we will get back to you with an honest price and once we have received the goods and made sure everything is fine, we hand over payment.

Secure Data Wipe

Any systems we buy that have the internal storage (hard drive) included we will use industry standard software and procedures to securely wiping the data on the device.  Any storage media which is faulty upon us receiving it will be discarded of responsibly, either way none of our customers personal data will be obtainable from system we buy.  Any items requiring recycling will also be disposed of in the correct manner, which ensures our planet is not polluted any further!

Step 1: Fill in the Form.

Fill in the form to let us know what you have.

Step 2: Bear with Us

Once we have all the info we will offer you a honest price.

Step 3: Get Paid

Once we have the item(s), we will check them over and if everything is fine, we will give payment.

Common examples of items we buy.

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