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We can reinstall and upgrade Windows on your laptop or PC.

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Windows Reinstall & Upgrades for Laptops and Desktop PCs

Microsoft Windows is the most popular Operating System in the world, Used by home and business users.

Over time however it can slow down, and become un-usable. This can be sometimes due to hardware, but mostly it is just due to the operating system being in need of a cleanup, Windows 10 Upgrade or Windows Reinstall.

Over on our Virus Removal page, we spoke about how having an up-to-date operating system is paramount. Microsoft will soon be ending the support for Windows 7, which means you will not receive any security updates if you are on their now legacy OS. Which means you are more likely to be targeted by Malware and Viruses. Read this post about Windows 7 coming to end of life.

Reinstalling your Windows Operating System, is like having a service on a car. It cleans out the inside and in most cases you will see improvements to your overall responsiveness of apps and boot times in general.

We can perform Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrades, or reinstall Windows 10 if needed. If you are interested in moving over to the latest hard drive technology known as Solid State Drives or SSDs then it is advisable to so this when Reinstalling Windows.

We can help with both.

How much does it cost?

We can reinstall your Windows 10 for a flat fee of £30. This includes the reinstall itself and a discount on data transfer (normally £45) at £15.

How long it take?

With no data transfer, a reinstall of Windows take about an hour. This includes system drivers. If you opt for a data transfer, depending on the amount of data, depends on the amount of time to copy the data back across.

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