Slow PC and Laptop Clean Up

Slow Computer Clean-up

Over time your PC or Laptop slow down, sometimes to an unbearable amount. This could be for varying reasons such as;

The most common issue however is simply your operating system is need of a clean-up. When software is installed, it leaves files across the operating system, which are not always removed when said software is uninstalled. This can contribute to slow boot times, slow app opening times and even software or operating system crashes. Luckily our clever technicians have years of experience dealing with such matters. So if you think your PC or laptop is in need of a clean-up, please contact us today.

How much does it cost?

We offer a flat fee for all Slow Computer clean-ups of £25. However if we find that the reason for slowness is faulty hardware then we will of course contact you first.

How long it take?

It can sometimes be a timely process, has we are sometimes at the mercy of letting a malware scan running, or awaiting a part to fix the issue. It usually doesn’t take longer than a couple of days however.