Processor Upgrades

We can upgrade your PCs processor, to increase overall speed and performance.

PC Processor Upgrades

Processor Upgrades

The Processor or CPU of a computer is the brain, working with the Memory (or RAM) it is what computes all the commands you instruct.

Processor Upgrades rely on compatibility with the motherboard and memory. Which can all be upgraded to work together.

The faster the CPU, the quicker opening apps, and amount of apps opened at one time is greater, It really is an upgrade worth considering.

Our technicians can talk through the upgrade process, working with you we will discuss your budget and what you want to achieve. Whether that’s gaming, graphic design or photo/video editing.


Processors can be quite expensive, naturally the better the CPU, the higher the price. We would of course advise whether the processor upgrades require other components to be upgraded also. And as such whether it would just be cheaper and better to simply upgrade your PC.

Once price is agreed and stock is available, it take a few hours to install any new hardware and ensure it is stable and running smoothly.

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