Power Supply Replacement for Laptops and Desktop PCs

Over time your Power Supply can cause possible hardware failure. What with dust build up and just over use, remember the Power Supply is plugged in and running pretty much all the time. Commons symptoms would be

  • Nothing happens when you turn on your PC
  • It randomly turns itself off.
  • It starts up, and then turns off after a few seconds.

In the case of laptops, the symptoms are:

  • Not charging the battery when plugged in.
  • Laptop doesn’t switch on at all.

It could however also be the charging port itself on the laptop. See our DC Socket Replacement page for more info on this, or contact us.

How much does it cost?

The cost of power supplies start from around £20 for a entry level PSU all the way up to £150 for a High Wattage Power Supply for powering gaming systems.

For laptops, the price can vary but usually start from around £30. We only sell original power supplies for laptops.

How long it take?

Power supply replacement for desktops can take a couple of hours, especially if cable management is used in the case.

Laptop power supplies are just a case of awaiting stock if we don’t happen to have them in stock.