Motherboard Upgrades for Desktop PCs

The motherboard is the most important component within a PC or Laptop. It is what houses all your hardware, CPU, memory, SATA connections. Without this, you wouldn’t be able to even turn the thing on!

A good quality motherboard can have a life span of around 3-5 years. In this time it will probably serve you well, and for some time you will be able to play the games you like, or software will run quite adequately.

For laptops, you will need to buy a new laptop, as the upgrade path isn’t possible to simply pop a new motherboard in. You can of course contact us to see what laptops are sufficient for your needs, we are always happy to help.

When it comes to motherboard upgrades on your Desktop PC, there a multitude of options, but equal amounts of things to be wary about and plan for. Not all the components within the PC will be compatible with your new motherboard, it will most likely need a newer CPU, and probably newer memory.

We can of course help with this process, our experienced technicians will be able to get you started on upgrading your PC or laptop.

Will upgrading my motherboard see performance improvements?

Of course, depending on whether you also have to upgrade the CPU and Memory, or maybe you also upgrade your SSD. This is essentially newer hardware, so the specification of the new hardware will be faster, so this increases performance.

How much does it cost?

A motherboards price range is anywhere from £50 to £450. It really depends on what you need. Whilst our price for installing the new motherboard and possibly other new hardware will always be £50.

How long it take?

Depending on your existing system configuration, can depend on the time it takes to dismantle your old system and build the new. This usually takes around 1 day, our aim is always to get you back up and running with 48 hours though, we always like to test the new hardware for any issues or bugs of course.