Memory Upgrades for Laptops and Desktop PCs

Our memory upgrades can be increase performance for very little cost and have near immediate benefits. One of the mistakes we see is that people get fed up with their system, go to a big corporate PC store (*cough*, not mentioning names here) and allow their commission focused salespeople coerce them into buying a newer system. Being a friendly, local bunch of people, we tend to want to save our customers money, and reduce their carbon footprint by simply upgrading their system instead. Upgrading hardware can instantly increase system performance. So, what is memory, or RAM? It helps for you understand what each component of a computer does.

What is Memory?

Memory or Ram is one the most important components within a PC or Laptop. It allows the CPU to process instructions more quickly. This coupled with the speed of the memory will further increase system performance. It enables more applications to be opened at the same time (multitasking), but the faster memory speed allows the overall opening of applications and system boot times to be that much quicker.

f your PC or Laptop is feeling a little sluggish, and it takes a good few minutes to get up and running, then upgrading your memory is certainly advised. The impact on system performance is noted almost instantly and is certainly a recommended step before going out and spending hundreds of pounds on a new computer.

Another upgrade we see is the upgrade of the CPU and Hard Drive to SSD. Upgrading these 3 components at the same time, can eliminate bottle necks in your system.

What can we do to help?

We can determine what type of memory your computer needs, and what the maximum speed and capacity your model of Desktop or Laptop can take.

Our experienced engineers are friendly enough and are always happy to help and advise what is the best upgrade path to get your PC or Laptop running the best it can.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the memory module size, speed and type there is a large bracket of price. But on average you would be looking at a price of around £50 for 8Gb DDR3 Desktop memory, and around £30 for 8Gb DDR3 laptop memory. These prices always fluctuate so its a good idea to contact us first for definitive price.

How long it take?

Replacing or upgrading memory literally takes about 2 minutes. If for some reason there is an issue with the upgrade, will ring you immediately.