Laptop Screen Replacement

We can replace your laptops screen for most manufacturers and models.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement

Whether you have a few dead pixels, dropped your laptop and the screen has smashed or even just a black screen when you turn the laptop on then we have you covered. 

Our engineers have over 15 years experience in replacing screens on a multitude of different branded laptops.

IWe can replace your laptop screen for a genuine original. We don’t supply “compatible” parts, as we honestly think you get what you pay for.


An estimate of cost of laptop screen replacement is around £60. If your laptop requires a different screen model, we can quote this. If you need a quote, please contact us for a price.

We usually stock a few different types of common laptop screen, that fit a number of different manufacturers and models. Once we receive the faulty unit, we usually take a few hours to get you back up and running.

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