Laptop DC Socket Replacement

The “DC” / “Power Socket” / “DC Jack” on a laptop can be pretty flimsy, and easily degrade over time, due to the constant plugging in and wiggling of the charger. This, over time weakens the solder or plastic of the socket and it will eventually fail. Common signs of this are where you have to place the charger in a specific place for it to charge, or it just doesn’t recognise the charger being present at all.

Good news however, our team have 15 years experience in laptop dc socket replacement and repair. Once we have identified the full extent of the repair needed, we will order the part and get soldering right away.

How much does it cost?

We charge a flat charge of £50 for laptop dc socket replacement. If we can repair the existing socket then great, however 99% of the time the socket is beyond repair and a new one has to be installed. The charge for the part isn’t included in the price, as each and every model of laptop has a different bespoke socket, and thus the price can vary. We will of course let you know what the price is after our initial diagnosis.

How long it take?

Once the part arrives, we can usually replace the socket within the day, in some cases a couple of hours. We would of course let you know of any change over the phone if there is any delay.