Home Visits

We can visit your house to perform a whole range of services.

Home Visits

We offer a number of different services that can only be done at your home, or whether it’s your preference. Such as;

  • Home Wireless Setups
  • Home Network / Cable Setup and Install
  • Printer Setups
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Setup and Configuration
  • Computer Install – if you need a PC plugging in and configuring.
  • Many more

We also offer a free pick up and drop off service if you live within 5 miles of Blackburn. Which is useful if you don’t have time to come to us. If there is something we haven’t listed by all means contact us to see if we can help.

How much does it cost?

We don’t charge home visits by the hour, as this can soon spiral out of control. We do however say most call outs usually take around an hour. Which we charge at £30. This covers our engineers time, and cost of fuel. If we think the job will take longer than an hour, we will let you know and if possible bring the PC or Laptop back to our workshop.

How long it take?

Again, depending on the complexity of the job depends on how long it will take. If its a quick job we tend to just charge a small amount, if it takes around an hour we will charge our flat rate. If the job is likely to take some time, we will of course inform you and ask if we can bring the system back to our workshop where we will keep you updated.

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