Hard Drive & SSD Upgrades

SSD’s or Solid State Drives have been around for around 12 years. Back then they were seen as a luxury, and even though I owned one, the reward of speed over disk space certainly wasn’t worth the £200 I paid for 64Gb of space. The disc was full before you knew it.

These days, the technology has come a long way and with these advances the cost of said tech always becomes reasonable. You can pick up a 256Gb SSD easily for under £100, depending on the brand.

We use special software to actually clone your old existing hard drive to the new one so you don’t lose your Operating System, Programs installed and files etc. Or if you prefer we can perform a “clean install” of Windows and then migrate your old files. This is known as data transfer.

Hard Drive & SSD upgrades are certainly worth it, the performance gain for upgrading to a SSD is immediate and instantly noticeable.

How much does it cost?

We charge a flat fee of £40 for Data Transfers, and Disc Clones no matter the size of data. Whereas the Hardware itself is charged separately, it’s always hard to guarantee a definite price for a SSD, As they fluctuate so much, but a good estimate would be £40-£50 for 128Gb SSD, £50 – £80 for 256Gb SSD and over £80 for 512Gb.

How long it take?

Hard Drive & SSD Upgrades are usually pretty quick, it’s just a case of waiting for the system to clone (this hugely depends on disk size and space) and then making sure everything is working fine after the clone or reinstall.