Case and Fan Cleaning

Over time your PC or Laptop can pick up particles of dust from your home or office. The fan within the computer usually does it’s best to keep this dust away from key hardware components, but it won’t catch it all. When dust settles on your graphics card or processor for example this can reduce the efficiency of your fans, and thus increase heat, which in turn damages said components.

Here at Branch Computers we can open up your PC or laptop and remove any dust from inside your system, and in the case of a PC analyse your air flow and make recommendations to add an extra fan, or even transfer all your parts into a new case.

Laptop Cleaning

Getting access to the inside of a laptop to clean it can be tricky. Luckily we can help, we have over 15 years experience with various makes and models of laptops –  and how to disassemble them. Once we have access to the inside of the laptop we can clean all traces of dust and particles. Cleaning the fan, re-applying fresh thermal compound to the CPU and generally just clean the inside to breathe new life into your laptop.

Will removing dust really help?

Certainly, dust can contain all the heat inside your computer and do real damage to your components. If your PC or Laptop is still running slow after this, it could be that hardware is either in need of upgrading or the amount of dust allowed to build up as already caused some damage. At this point we would isolate the cause and let you know. But it could well that you need to also upgrade your Hard Drive to a Solid State Drive. Or Windows itself needs to be reinstalled.

How much does it cost?

As all PCs and Laptops have different layouts and hardware, this increases the time to dismantle the system to get a good look inside and clean all the nasties out. Please contact us so we can make an initial inspection of your computer.

How long it take?

Again, depending on the complexity of your system. Laptops are usually trickier to dismantle. We do however aim to get your system back to you within 48 hours, if it’s going to take longer we would contact you to let you know.