Upgrade your computer hardware, to save money and boost performance.

Hardware upgrades can extend the life of your current computer. When you purchased your new Computer System, it was the latest and greatest, but six months later there was already a computer better and faster on the market. We can help you keep up with rapidly changing technology by performing simple, low cost upgrades to your existing PC or Laptop.

We offer a NO FIX NO FEE policy, meaning if we cannot fix it, you don’t pay a penny. All of our repair work is backed by a quibble 60 Day guarantee. 

Our Services

  • PC Processor (CPU) Upgrades
  • PC and Laptop Memory Upgrades
  • PC Fan & Cooler Upgrades / Mods
  • PC and Laptop SSD Upgrades
  • Graphics Cards Upgrades
  • Peripheral Install & Upgrades
  • PC Motherboard Upgrades
  • Many More…

Memory Ugrades

Memory or RAM, is an important component of your PC or laptop. We can help source and install the correct memory for your system. Helping with performance and snappiness.

SSD Upgrades

Solid State Drives are a very important upgrade to your system. They improve the promptness of read / write and boot times of your computer and are about 10 times faster than a traditional hard drives.

CPU Upgrades

The CPU or Processor is the heart of the computer. Upgrading this can improve compute power and thus the speed. We can help sourcing and installing a newer, faster CPU for your desktop computer.

Power Supply Upgrades

The power supply is what delivers and regulates clean DC power to your system. We can help replace a faulty PSU or even upgrade it to a higher wattage.

Wireless Networking

Sometimes it isn't possible to run ethernet cables across your home. There are plenty of wireless, networking solutions out there, we can help find you the best for you.

GPU Upgrades

The newest games require beefy graphics processing power to fully enjoy your gaming experience. As gamers ourselves we know the best cards for modern games.

Peripheral Upgrades

Need a larger portable hard drive? Need a new printer, with certain features? Or maybe your looking for a new keyboard and mouse? We can help find and install new peripherals.

Motherboard Upgrades

Sometimes you just have to upgrade your motherboard, CPU and memory to benefit from faster speeds and modern OS/Software. We can help source and install for you.

Optical Drive Upgrades

Some people do still find a use for optical disc drives, they are useful for archiving and ripping audio/video. We can install DVD-RW, CD-ROMs and even Blu Ray drives.